Selected works, 2018 - 2019

and when I c u I rlly c u upside down, 2018

 Head I, 2018

Head II, 2018

Head III, 2018

Body I, 2018

Body III, 2018

Head IV, 2018

Amanda Whiteside and Joseph Leone are both Naarm (Melbourne)-based emerging artists. The series explores the ambiguous nature of identity and representation of the self through a collaborative practice. The artists respond to the traditional boundaries of commercial photography and art, questioning what it means to create in an image saturated climate.

Creative Direction: Joseph Leone, @jospehleone
Make-up: Zoe-Jane Crawford, @zoejane_makeup

Models: Hena Memishi, Jarman Cutrona, Joshua Lavery, Brianna Dahlstrom, Tobi Mambwe, Susan Seyhan & Jordy Yeates 

Instalation views of and when I c u I rlly c u upside down2018, No Vacancy Gallery
Huntly, 2018

These images were created in collobartion with Melbourne based band Huntly for their upcoming album.

Model: Hugh Hirst-Johnson  
Soft Assembly, 2017

Untitled #1, Untitled #2,  Low-Pile High-Pile Installation view, archival pigment prints, 152 cm x varying lengths 

Untitled #1, Low-Pile High-Pile Installation viewarchival pigment print, 152cm x 300cm (approx) 

Untitled #1, Untitled #3, 2018 RMIT Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) (Honours) Graduate Show Installation viewarchival pigment prints, 152 cm x varying lengths